New Wild Mail packages

Everything you need to know about our new multi-product pricing strategy.
Things are changing for the best. ActiveCampaign recently launched a multi-product pricing strategy and as an ActiveCampaign reseller, we are about to do the same.

What is changing?

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    The product: Wild Mail now offers 2 different packages: Marketing and Sales. A bundle package of Marketing + Sales is also available. The Marketing package has tiers like Lite, Plus, Professional & Enterprise and each tier includes different features, but the Sales and the Bundle start from the Plus tier directly.
The Marketing Package focuses on Email & Marketing Automation and is based on the number of contacts that you have (you pay per contact).
The Sales Package focuses on CRM and Sales Automation and is based on the number of user seats that you have (you pay per seat).
Please note that if you would like to have the Email Marketing and Marketing automation features in your package along with Sales features, you will need to choose the Marketing+ Sales Bundle.
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    The pricing: You won’t see any difference in your invoice unless you upgrade/downgrade your account. This will automatically push the account onto the new pricing depending on what plan you choose to upgrade to.

Why is this good news?

We believe that splitting the product is the first (big) step in making ActiveCampaign better:
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    Better product: ActiveCampaign now has dedicated teams for each package, which will undoubtedly lead to a big product improvement in the near future.
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    Better pricing structure: You only pay for what you need.
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    Better user experience: You can choose to only have what you want/need inside your account which means more clarity with a cleaner dashboard.


What will happen to my account on June 1st?

Nothing. You will not see a difference in functionality inside your account, it will stay the same.

What will happen to my invoice on June 1st?

Nothing. You will keep the same pricing and nothing will change inside your billing app.

When will I be impacted by this change?

You will only see a difference when you upgrade or downgrade your account after June 1st.

What happens when I upgrade or downgrade my account after June 1st?

  • When you up/downgrade the account, you will need to choose between the Marketing Package, the Sales Package, or the Marketing Sales Bundle depending on your needs.
  • The Marketing Package centers around Email and Marketing automations (Campaigns), but also Landing Pages, Forms, Site tracking, etc. You pay per active contact.
  • The Sales Package centers around the CRM (deals feature), and it focused on Engagement, Lead Scoring, Sales automations etc. In this case, you pay per user seats.
  • The standalone Sales package does not include Email and Marketing automation, so if you need both the CRM and to send out campaigns, you need to choose the Marketing and Sales bundle.
  • This also means that the Marketing package does not include the CRM; if you need the CRM feature, then the Marketing+ Sales Bundle needs to be chosen.
  • Based on your account’s features, you can also choose the Lite (available only for Marketing Package), Plus, Professional or Enterprise tiers.
  • If you were on the Lite plan, but would also like Landing Pages, Conditional Content, or Lead scoring, for example, you would need to choose the Marketing - Plus tier.
  • If you were on the Plus plan (because you need the CRM and Email marketing and Automations) and need to increase your contacts, for example, you will need to opt for the Marketing + Sales bundle, and choose the number of contacts that you need.
We are very excited to bring this change alongside ActiveCampaign and cannot wait to see where it will take us all. We will continue to bring you as much value as possible with premium support, more success and consulting calls, and providing awesome email analytics for ActiveCampaign and access to all our tutorials.
If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].