Wild Mail vs. ActiveCampaign

The main benefit of Wild Mail over ActiveCampaign is that Wild Mail offers features that ActiveCampaign does not.

This means that with Wild Mail you will get everything you have with ActiveCampaign but with extra benefits and some small differences.

Wild Mail benefits

The only differences between Wild Mail and ActiveCampaign are:

  • Wild Mail handles the billing process directly instead of ActiveCampaign. You can choose to pay either in EUR or USD.

  • The logo you will see in the top left corner will be Wild Mail and not ActiveCampaign.

Analytics features

Track email revenue, improve your funnels, and get a simple overview of your business to achieve your next revenue goal faster. No developer or analyst is required:

  • Revenue for emails Know how much revenue your emails and automations generate.

  • Funnel analysis Easily track different funnels of your business. Know what to improve to achieve your next revenue goal faster.

  • Dashboards Get a simple overview of your business with fast and beautiful dashboards. Share updates with your team.

  • Plug and Run No need to export and import data from different tools anymore. No confusing Excel calculations. Just integrate your marketing stack. We currently support ActiveCampaign and Stripe. More data sources coming.


  • You can find our ActiveCampaign courses here.

  • You can ask questions by email at any time. We provide support in several languages, including Spanish.

  • Most of the questions or support tickets are answered in a personalised way with recorded videos to make it easier to solve the doubts and implement changes.

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