Promote Wild Mail

In this space you will find the different ways to promote Wild Mail as a partner and get more commissions.

The easiest thing is to add "This awesome email is powered by Wild Mail." Link "Wild Mail" with your partner link. This is how you get evergreen commissions every time you send out an email via Wild Mail.


This is definitely the easiest and most automated way to earn commissions. Your subscribers will be exposed to Wild Mail every time they read your emails.

2. Move ActiveCampaign accounts

The fastest way to benefit as a Wild Mail partner is when you already have clients or customers who currently use ActiveCampaign. You can invite your customers to move over to Wild Mail with a few clicks (literally takes 1 minute) and you will receive a commission from that.

Your customers will love it and you will be financially rewarded. Win-win!

3. Reviews and comparisons

Many people are looking for reviews of Wild Mail from actual customers.

By publishing a blog post where you review Wild Mail, you will be able to rank in Google and receive search engine traffic from people searching for reviews. It works best if you do in your local context.


  • Write in your local language about Wild Mail (French, German etc..). You will rank easily in Google with this trick!

  • Explain how to use Wild Mail in your industry (not much competition on Google!) Example: "Marketing automation software for health coaches" etc.

  • Compare Wild Mail with other marketing tools and explain why it's better.

The earlier you start to produce content in your local context, the easier you will rank and the more commissions you will generate.

4. YouTube Tutorials

One great platform to teach your audience is YouTube. It's easy and free to get started. But the best part is that it is underutilised which means there is a great opportunity to rank high.

You can use a free tool like Loom to record your tutorials and then you upload them to YouTube.

Make sure to add your local and industry context to each tutorial.


  • How to automate your client onboarding as a fitness coach

  • How to get new gigs as a writer

Alternatively, you could also do a podcast episode, mention Wild Mail in a guest blog or post an Instagram story.

5. Personal recommendations

Simply talk to your entrepreneur friends about Wild Mail. If they ask you what email tool you use, answer "Wild Mail".

You can then follow up with them and share your unique partner link to get them started with Wild Mail. Mention Wild Mail in your blog posts, podcast interviews, clients, customers, and team members.

By helping them discover Wild Mail, you are helping them grow their business by building authentic relationships with marketing automation.

6. Wild Mail collaborations

Wild Mail actively collaborates on campaigns with its partners to support them and help them promote their products.

Some examples are a podcast, videos or reviews together, email marketing campaigns, master classes, etc.

If you want to start collaborating with Wild Mail, all you have to do is book a call with your Account Manager and share your proposal with him.

Your Account Manager will know how to answer you and even work together with you on new ideas. You can book a call with him by clicking here.

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