🆓Apply a coupon

To learn how to apply a discount coupon to your Wild Mail subscription, follow the steps below.

IMPORTANT: Coupons are not cumulative; if you apply a new coupon, the old one will be automatically cancelled.

1. Go to Billing

Open your ActiveCampaign account and click on the blue chat bubble in the bottom right, in Dashboard, or you can access the Wild Mail app directly from here.

2. Go to Wild Mail Dashboard

In order to access your Billing feature, you need to click on the Wild Mail Dashboard inside the blue beacon.

3. Inside the Wild Mail app

You will be redirected to the Wild Mail app; once inside, click on Billing. Then, click on Update Plan.

4. Type your coupon

At the bottom left you will see the option Have a coupon code?; click on it.

5. Apply your coupon

A box will open for you to enter your discount coupon. Once you have entered the coupon, click on Apply.

6. Finish

Once the coupon is applied, you will see it in your account details, and it will be reflected in your next invoices.

Your discount is now applied. For any questions, please write us at support@wildmail.io.

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