🔡Reset password

After creating your account, you can automatically log in. If you need to know your password or assign a new one, you need to reset it, as the password is not generated for cybersecurity reasons.

To reset the password for your account, please follow these steps:

1. ActiveCampaign login page

Go to your ActiveCampaign account login page. The URL will look similar to myaccount.activehosted.com/admin/.

2. Click "Forgot?"

Click the "Forgot?" text in the password field.

3. Type your email address

Type the email address you use to log in to your account, then click "Submit." A confirmation message will appear on your screen. Go to your inbox and look for an email with the subject line "ActiveCampaign password reset instructions" and open that message.

4. Update password

Click the "Update Password Now" button in the email. You will be redirected to your Account Login page. Type your new password into both fields then click the "Submit" button.

5. Log back in

You will then be logged back into your ActiveCampaign account. Please remember this password for any future cases.

If you experience any problems during this process, please contact us at support@wildmail.io.

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