Create accounts

Please note that if you are opening an account for a client, you must open the URL in an Incognito tab to avoid logging into your own account.

1. Open Wild Mail

If you want to create an account for yourself or your customer, please use the following link:

Remember to replace the word TOKEN in the link with your affiliate token that you will find in your Rewardful panel. Below I'll show you where it is:

2. Fill in the fields

Fill in the fields shown below and click Next.

3. Verify your email

For security reasons, before the account is created, you will receive a verification code to the email address you have entered.

Type in the verification code that you receive and click on Verify.

4. Account created

After a few moments, your trial account will be created. This can take up to one minute.

You will see the below screen and the options that appear are the following:

GO TO DASHBOARD: if you click here, this will open the Wild Mail billing, where you can see the details of your trial/ plan and you can upgrade to a paid account here if you wish.

SCHEDULE A DEMO: if you would like to book a call with us to show you what the platform can do, you can do it here.

LOGIN: this will automatically log you into your ActiveCampaign account. The password, in case you need it, will be sent to you via email right after the trial account has been created.

If you want to upgrade your trial account to a paid one, please visit our article:

⬆️pageTrial to paid account

5. Start your Week 1 with Wild Mail

Now that you have created the account, you can start doing the basic configuration.

Please visit the below article to know how to get started.

1️⃣pageWeek 1 with Wild Mail

And that's it! If you have any questions, feel free to write us at and we will be happy to help you!

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