Partner commissions


The more accounts you refer to Wild Mail, the higher your commission. Tiers are based on the number of active accounts* that you have.

  • Silver: Partners that have 1-5 active accounts earn a 20% commission.

  • Gold: Partners that have 6-20 active accounts earn a 25% commission.

  • Platinum: Partners that have 21+ active accounts earn a 30% commission.

Please keep in mind that you cannot earn commissions on your own personal account(s).

*by active accounts, we mean that they haven’t cancelled their Wild Mail account.

Quarterly Payouts

Commissions are paid every quarter (if payout requirements are met). Here is the payout schedule for 2023 as an example:

  • Q1 payout: May 2023

  • Q2 payout: August 2023

  • Q3 payout: November 2023

  • Q4 payout February 2024

Changing affiliates

No changes can be made to affiliations.

Once an affiliate is assigned to an account, changing this is impossible. The partner who initially recommended the account is the one who will receive the commissions from that account and it is not possible to change this.

Payments via PayPal

Commissions are paid out via PayPal. During the partner registration process, you registered your PayPal account. This is the account we will use to send you the money. You can change your PayPal account by clicking on your name in the top right corner and then "Edit profile".

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